About Our Pastor

Titusville, Florida- Dr. Lawrence S. Thompson, pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Titusville and founder of the Hour of Need Ministry, demonstrates a passion for lost souls by providing practical biblical truths for every day life.

This ministry, with its focus on the future, represents two significant and deeply pervasive convictions. One, is such a ministry must find its essential heart and direction in the written Word of God.

The second conviction is the fullest development of God's people, both as individual believers and as productive members of the Body of Christ, demands a viable Christian ministry.

This compilation of practical guidance is best defined by the following:

  • Recognizes the family centeredness of Christian nurture throughout scripture.
  • Reaffirms the centrality of biblical revelation in the educative process of the ministry.
  • Reviews the example of Jesus as teacher, mentor, and leader.
  • Rekindles the dynamic role of the Holy Spirit in the teaching – learning process.
  • Responds to the Great Commission by balancing evangelism and edification ministry to produce mature disciples fit for the kingdom.

In 2001, Dr. Thompson became senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Titusville, Florida, with wife, Mrs. Marjorie C. Thompson. In 1990, a one-hour radio program was launched on WPIO 89.3 FM. The Hour of Need Ministry impacted many lives over the years of airing on WPGS, WAMT, WPIO, WMIE, and WWBC-1510. Today, the Hour of Need Ministry program can be heard Sunday mornings live from Grace Baptist Church's remote studio from 8 – 9 AM through a remote link on "We Pass It On" ( WPIO) 89.3 FM. For the past 2 years "Hour of Need" radio and internet live streaming is now reaching East Africa and also WTYX of Titusville, Florida. Through the radio ministry, Grace Baptist Church was formulated to further serve the people of Titusville and other communities throughout Florida. New members are being added to Grace Baptist Church from various cities of Florida each month. We are grateful to God for His many blessings He has bestowed on us. Much credit to Randy Henry for his help and love by obeying the call of God on his life to pursue Christian radio for God's people. Randy and wife Carol, are devoted to make an impact for Christ through Christian radio. Please support them in this great endeavor, it's truly making a difference, 24/7. During Dr. Lawrence S. Thompson's busy schedule, he finds time for counseling families, not just from his church, but also from various churches in Titusville and other communities. We are Co-laborer's with the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Thompson traveled to India in 1989 on his first historical missionary journey to teach, preach, and counsel families. He is Co-founder of First Baptist Church in India.

This work was established through the Holy Spirit by convicting Brother Thompson to help a needy pastor and his congregation. He also helped in building a new house for a pastor of a joining city with his own money. Due to the many souls that were saved during his preaching, the new church was planted. In 1999, Dr. Thompson took his second missionary trip to the Philippines to teach, reach, and preach the Word of God to many lost souls. Hearing God's clear calling, his third missionary trip to the Philippines was in 2000. Here he founded the First Baptist Church in Kalibo, Philippines. God gave him favor with the people, and many came to know the Lord through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Thompson believes that Jesus left us here on earth to be His representatives and saviors to save His people out of their sins (Isaiah 19: 20.)

When Jesus went to the cross, he went as savior. How many of you know that a seed produces after its own kind? Saviors begat saviors, and kings begat kings, lords begat lords, deliverers begat delivers. God is raising up a breed of saviors that when the people cry out to God for mercy, Jesus begat these saviors unto Himself to minister to their needs.

The focus of God's concern was on action. For this reason, the Hour of Need Ministry, and Grace Baptist Church ministry must teach not just knowledge or skills, but service of God through responsible action. "If you stop growing today, you stop teaching tomorrow" is his motto.

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." ( Romans 10:13.)

Heavenly Father, Your wisdom is at work in me and I am moving through Your power and great glory; there is no stopping me. I am propelled by Your Word and Your Spirit, in the path of success and greateness. Therefore, I am fulfilling my destiny in Christ, gloriously bursting forth in prosperity, wisdom and divine essence, in Jesus' Name. Amen.